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  1. What kind of pets do you allow? Do you permit exotic pets?
    Dogs weight limit maximum 70 pounds and cats; no exotic pets Breed restrictions apply*: Chow-Chow, Doberman Pinscher, Rottweiler, German Shepherd, Pit Bulls, American Pit Bull Terrier, Staffordshire Terrier, Dogo Argentino, American Bully, Malamute, Bull Mastiff and Presa-Canario. Vet records and a photograph are required. *Breed size, weight limitations, fees and deposits do not apply to assistance animals. We comply with all applicable fair housing laws. We will consider any request for reasonable accommodations.
  2. How many pets may I have?
    2 pets per apartment home.
  3. Are there any deposits, special fees or monthly charges to have a pet?
    $10 per month pet rent for each pet; Pets 30 pounds or less $250 refundable deposit and $250 non-refundable fee; Pets 31 to 70 pounds $500 refundable deposit and $250 non-refundable fee; 2 pets $250 refundable deposit and $500 non-refundable fee.
  4. Is my security deposit totally refundable?
    Of the $200 application deposit $125 is refundable and the remaining $75 is applied to a non-refundable administration fee.
  5. If I get a job transfer, can I break the lease?
    Yes, with a full 60-day written notice and payment through that notice plus the payment of a one-time re-letting fee, which is equivalent to 85% of one month's rent and re-payment of any move-in concessions received. Contact the management office for further information.
  6. What utilities are included in my lease?
  7. How long is the term of the lease?
    6 to 15 months.
  8. Do you accept leases for short terms?
    Yes a limited number of 3 to 5 month leases are available at Market Rent plus a $100 upcharge monthly.
  9. If something needs to be repaired in my apartment, how do I report it?
    You may request service on our website, email the request to management, call or come by the Management office.
  10. When is my rent payment due?
    Your rent is due on the 1st day of each month; late fees are assessed on the 4th.
  11. What day of the month am I liable for a late charge?
    On the 4th of the month.
  12. Will you accept electronic payments from my bank?
    Yes, from the website under resident services you have the option to select pay rent online. Please note there are fees associated with on-line payments.
  13. Is there a place where I can pay my rent after hours?
    Our website provides the option to pay your rent on-line.
  14. There is a person who might be staying with me for a while, is that permitted by the lease?
    Guests may stay up to 3 days without written permission from Management; contact Management for additional information regarding extended stays and requirements.
  15. Do you have reserved parking?
    Yes, we have a parking garage and assigned spaces.
  16. I have a motorcycle, where can I park it?
    You may park your motorcycle in your assigned space; we do have a limited number of additional parking spaces available at a cost of $35 per month
  17. My children live with me in the summer; do I need to notify your office when they arrive?
    Your children would need to be included as occupants at the time you lease the apartment to ensure compliance with the properties occupancy standards during your residency at our community.
  18. Can I install my satellite dish at my apartment?
    Unfortunately, this is not possible at our community.
  19. Do you have cable services?
    Yes; AT&T Directv services.
  20. Will you accept my delivery packages for me?
    Yes, as long as you sign a form authorizing us to do so during the move in process.
  21. Do you have a list of Preferred Employers?
    Christus Spohn Hospital - Corpus Christi Driscoll Children's Hospital - Corpus Christi
  22. How is your property different from the competition?
    1. Spectacular water views from many of our apartment homes. 2. Walking distance to the beach and downtown. 3. Mid-rise with elevators, parking garage controlled access, floor level parking for easy access to your home. 4. Friendly, professional staff to assist you with choosing the home that best fits your lifestyle.
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Frequent Questions